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Carbon-negative and cost competitive by design.


Intercepting Carbon Waste

We use carbon dioxide that would otherwise enter the atmosphere as our input. When industrial processes are run or biomass ferments (in landfills, wineries, ethanol production, etc.) carbon dioxide is released. We use this carbon dioxide as an input in our conversion reaction. 

Powered by Clean Energy

Energy to power the reactor can come from solar, nuclear, or other clean energy sources to ensure our gas conversion process is not reliant on fossil fuels.

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Gas Conversion

Our core innovations are around reaction optimization and materials pre-processing with secondary innovations in demand-response. Initially, we are focusing on building proof-of-concept reactor that converts biogas into carbon monoxide, a precursor industrial gas used to create many valuable products. We will further optimize our system by improving catalyst scaling, developing modular units and enhancing reliability and efficiency.

Gas Conveter

Industrial Uses

Carbon monoxide has a wide range of industrial uses from polymers (for plastic production to e-fuels. Carbon Bridge offers a solution for these difficult to decarbonize sectors.  

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